Dates & Ages

Summer 5780/2020 

August 3 - August 24

The MKF Summer Adventure is for girls aged 12-15

We are accepting a maximum of 15 girls


Cost and Flight Info

The cost MKF Summer Adventure is $2900. (Price does not include airfare)

Our closest airport is OGG. We have a staff member to travel with unaccompanied minors roundtrip from NYC.


Fits Like a Glove?

Our Maui Farm experience is a unique and intimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Our program is best suited for the more adventurous, flexible and independent type of girl. Being a small group gives personal attention to each and every participant. Pitching in is part of farm life and campers have the privilege of being a part of it. Living in nature is incredibly powerful and beautiful but also exposes you to the elements so make sure you can handle the outdoors!


Learning & Growing

Judaism doesn't live in a vacuum. Wherever you go in the world you are just as committed and inspired to be a proud, strong Jew. Here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is no exception. The marriage of nature, beauty and a frum lifestyle gives real inspiration for living a well rounded, Jewish life. Deep discussions and Torah lessons from the farm make a lasting impact. As a perk, just living on the farm and interacting with our shabbos guests and the Jewish community on Maui is a boost for Jewish moral on the island and mutually beneficial for all.


The Ocean

Water surrounds us on this tropical island paradise. We take advantage of the warm oceans as often as we can with early morning snorkeling, body boarding, water hikes, kite-surf & wind-surf watching or just relaxing on the beach with a good book until the sun sets.


The Farm

Living with us on our farm for 3 weeks invites everyone into our lives and the daily grind. Every morning begins with feeding of our goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese and quails (and our 2 farm cats, Koa and Hobbes). The typical activities include collecting eggs, milking mama goat, planting pineapples, harvesting avocados, papayas, bananas & anything else growing on property, clearing cane grass and our streams.


A Hawaiian Adventure

Living like a local and learning about the beautiful Hawaiian culture is a truly unique experience. Hula, Lei making, Hawaiian language and alphabet, Coconut husking, Ukulele lessons and understanding the "spirit of Aloha" all give our campers a special connection to this beautiful island.


Hikes & Trips

Put on your hiking boots or sneakers and prepare to be wowed. Maui has 9 microclimates, giving us access to 10,000 foot volcanoes, moon-like crater hikes, lava rock trails, waterfall crossings and bamboo forests. Some hikes are more difficult and we take our time with multiple rests and drink & snack breaks.


Meet the Artists

Meet some of our Jewish and Hawaiian Maui artists and gain some mad, hands-on creative skills. Learn about Shibori Japanese print making, photography & loom weaving and create your own silk scarf, tapestry, nature canvases, beach art & stone painting. This summer we will focus on making our own coffee, cocoa, sourdough bread and  noni juice from harvest or creation to completion.